South Carolina Department of Revenue

Tax Refund Information

NOTE: The information being provided below is for convenience only. Our company does NOT have access to your state tax refund information. Please use the phone number and/or website shown BELOW to contact the state tax department about your refund status.

South Carolina Refund Hotline

 (803) 898-5300 OR (803) 898-5709 

South Carolina Tax Refund Status Online Secure Website

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Caution! Identity Thieves At Work!

In October 2012, an international computer hacker broke into the South Carolina Department of Revenue database and gained access to over 3.6 million state income tax returns. The hacked returns dated back to 1998 and included unencrypted social security numbers. Also compromised were over 16,000 credit and debit cards.

People whose information has been compromised will receive a free year of identity protection service provided by Experian and paid for by the state. Anyone who filed a South Carolina tax return from 1998 onward should call (866) 578-5422.